Elle Darby





💕 An interactive, flexible, pick-n-mix style workout guide suited towards anyone & everyone. You can be a lean, keen, exercising bean who can get to the gym 6 times a week, or a total newbie who can only workout at home, 2 times a week. I created this guide with everybody in mind!

💕 4 workouts per body part: legs, shoulders, chest & arms, abs, back, upper body, full body, circuits – ALL with 1 dumbbell only workout

💕 Videos of me doing the exercises and all the workouts are embedded into the AFLETE App

💕 A mini e-book INCLUDING how to work out your calories & macros

💕 Facebook group access to meet & talk to other like-minded people



💕 A big, juicy, step-by-step guide on how to truly #youdoyouboo.

💕 Facebook group access to meet & talk to other like-minded people 🤗

💕 Including chapters such as ‘Identifying your Self’, ‘The Good Kind of Selfish’ & ‘Billy-No-Mates’ I created this guide with an aim to inspire people from all over the world to reach for the stars and become the best version of themselves.

💕 Features exciting challenges to put the content to practical use

💕 This guide is not directed at people with mental health issues – it’s a self-help, motivational e-book aimed at your average gal who wants growth & development as a person to create a life they love.

💕 By the end of the guide, you’ll know exactly how #youdoyouboo works & how to make your dreams a reality!

£40.00 / €46.00 / $52.00



Why have I decided to release my own Guide?

Releasing my own self-help book has always been a huge goal of mine. With fitness being a huge part of me becoming the person I am today, I thought it was only right to include workouts – to inspire other people all around the world to better themselves, physically as well as mentally. My one dream is to impact as many people as I can with #youdoyouboo, to help young people understand they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Don’t forget to stay connected using the #YDYBG hashtag on social media and tagging me in all your posts! I can’t wait to see you shine. Elle x